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Let’s keep Camrose our little secret, OK?

by Karen Ung
Discover Camrose’s historic (but trendy) downtown, lake, and recreational opportunities this summer!

Paddling in Camrose, Alberta
Paddling in Camrose, Alberta
Image Credit: Jeremy Derksen

By: Jeremy Derksen

So imagine you had Inglewood along the Bow in Calgary, or for the Edmontonians say 104 Street and the North Saskatchewan, almost all to yourself for a couple days – in summer. Nice daydream, right?

Well, that’s Camrose. It’s got the early 1900s architectural vibe, funky shops, great eateries and a lake valley with 37 kilometres of trails, but with a population of less than 20,000 people. Oh, and beautiful white swans swimming on the lake right in the centre of town. Yes, for real.

But beyond strolling mainstreet feeling like a trillionaire who just bought a downtown block backing onto the water, what is there to do? Get out your grocery list and get ready to check it off. Paddling, bird watching, theatre-going, games, crafts, escape rooms – and that’s without low hanging fruit like the trail system in the mix.

Camrose Main Street
Camrose Main Street
Image Credit: Jeremy Derksen

That’s not to suggest you have to keep yourself too busy either. Hanging out on patios and strolling the stretch is perfectly acceptable behaviour here. It would be remiss not to spend the waning hours of a warm evening at the 100 year old Hart House, enjoying fine dining and a glass of wine or two.

Hart House Patio, Camrose
Hart House Patio, Camrose
Image Credit: Jeremy Derksen

So imagine it. Imagine having a little piece of an oasis on the prairies, within a few hours of where you live, that has yet to be discovered like certain other Alberta tourism destinations and… oh hell. Wait. Never mind. Forget I told you any of this.

When you go

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#ExploreAlberta with Travel Alberta who has an entire section of their website dedicated to travelling the #BoomTownTrail.

Things to do in Camrose, Alberta
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Jenn July 10, 2018 - 4:33 PM

Nice! I love downtown Camrose. I have photographed many of the old buildings there.

Playoutsidegal July 11, 2018 - 3:15 AM

Cool!!! I can see the appeal – it looks so beautiful! Hoping to head there later this summer. 🙂

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