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Get your game on in Clive, AB, then head to the Rooster Roadhouse

by Karen Ung
Clive thrives and builds vibe through sport development.
Street hockey in Clive, Alberta
Street hockey in Clive, Alberta
Image Credit: Jeremy Derksen

By: Jeremy Derksen

Go to Clive and you better be ready to get in the game. The town may not be big at around 700 people, but nearly every corner has a sports field, rink or trail. On a regular day in Clive, there are games afoot everywhere — soccer, baseball, street hockey. Kids cruise the streets on their bikes or test their skills at the local skatepark.

When many rural towns in Alberta are dwindling and aging, how has Clive built such an active community? The answer comes down to community leadership. Under a younger new group of councillors and business leaders, sports, games and the outdoors are playing a bigger part in local life.

“In a small town it’s hard to keep busy, so having sports gives kids a reason to get outside,” says Jeremy Whelan, town councillor. “Not only that, it brings families together, for communication amongst the community.”

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Frings, a Clive Diner specialty
Frings, a Clive Diner specialty
Image Credit: Jeremy Derksen

When you first roll into town, one of the first things you’ll see is the giant rooster out front of The Rooster Roadhouse. One of just a couple bars in town, it’s a social nexus, and as such has also become a rallying point for local activity. Among the best times to hit town is during one of the Rooster’s big event weekends, like the annual horseshoes, golf, or bones tourneys.

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Rooster's Roadhouse, Clive, Alberta
Rooster’s Roadhouse, Clive, Alberta
Image Credit: Jeremy Derksen

Whelan also recommends getting out to Chain Lakes. “It’s a really perfect lake for going out kayaking or doing some fishing.”

Later on, folks will get back together post-game at the Clive Hotel or the Rooster, to recap and reset for the next day, to do it all again. So be ready — Clive will keep you on the run.

If You Go

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Enter one of the Rooster Roadhouse’s annual tournaments — it’s a good way to enjoy some classic games and get to know the locals.

Visit Clive, Alberta on the Boomtown Trail
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Order breakfast “your way” at the Clive Diner — diner breakfast, however you like it; no set menu here.

Visit the local shops — the Elite Treasure Thrift Shoppe features antiques and locally made tapestries, jams and preserves, with funds going back into the community.

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