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10 Ways to Score Great Deals on Sun Vacations

by Karen Ung
Are you dreaming of a sun vacation this winter but aren’t sure if a trip is in your budget? There are quite a few tricks that can help you get the best deals! Here are ten ways to score great deals on sun vacations.

Here are ten amazing tips to help you save money on your upcoming sun vacation. Thank you to Deann Rebello for writing this article.

1. Check Out Coupon Codes Or Websites

Hotels may not offer many coupons, though searching from websites can have you find a ton of deals for accommodation. Third-party booking sites can save you as much as 50% on certain hotels at your destination. Make sure that you search for the best deals based on the hotel’s rating, location, and of course, your budget!

You can also find coupons and deals for major tourist attractions, car rentals, and restaurants, which can also shave 50% off your total bill. Going through pages like Groupon or Agoda won’t take much time and can have you score awesome deals for vacation.

2. Negotiate With Homes Away From Home

Hotels can get quite expensive during the peak seasons, which is why there are other inexpensive options, such as Couchsurfing or Airbnb. If you are a solo traveler and only need simple lodging, Couchsurfing is cheap and gives you a chance to meet locals living in the area.

If you are looking for private accomodations, websites like Airbnb can give you great deals on condos or homes, which are bigger and better for the whole family. You can even negotiate with the homeowners to save even more money! Look for deals such as “get 1 night free when you book 4 nights.” Get $45 off your first Airbnb stay here.

3. Fly Out During The Weekdays

Yes, that piece of advice is true. Flights during the weekdays and during times that aren’t very popular (late at night or early morning) are less in-demand, therefore cheaper than the norm. It may be a bit uncomfortable on your side, but you can get that recoup sleep on the plane (or on the beach at your destination)! Also, whenever possible, time your vacations for off-peak season for the biggest savings. 

4. Use Discount Or Credit Cards

There are many hotels and restaurants that offer discount cards with deals in them. You may want to consider purchasing them after your first stay, especially if you plan on going back.

You can also utilize your credit card, as they may also be carrying hidden deals you may not know of, such as flight or room upgrades, and double points on dining (American Express)! Search or contact your credit card provider to learn about what you can redeem when you pay with your credit card. Just remember not to go overboard!

5. Turn Notifications On

It may be tempting to unsubscribe from all those newsletters and switch off notifications from your local travel agencies, but don’t do it just yet! A lot of companies notify subscribers of their biggest sales via email, text messages, or social media. So keep your eyes peeled and score deals earlier than anyone else. You never know what your phone can show you!

6. Book In Advance

Have you ever booked a trip just a few days before your next vacation only to find out that your tickets’ prices rocketed way up? The lowest airfares and sales can come as soon as today, for next year’s travel.

The same goes for hotels, which start increasing their prices as they fill up (though some dates, such as New Year’s will always be expensive) and as the weekend approaches. So my suggestion is to always plan your trips in advance. Research and book flights and hotels early to avoid high prices.

7. Stay Loyal

If you travel frequently, you can rack up miles, points, and reward levels very quickly if you stay with a particular hotel chain or fly with the same airline every time you travel. Some loyalty or memberships cards entitle you to a free night’s stay in hotels, free trips to certain countries using the miles you’ve collected, discounts and freebies!

8. Secret Tips For Booking Flights

There are a few secret tips when booking flights to assure that you get the best deals. Here are two good ones:

  • Make sure that you shop for cheap flights during the wee hours in the morning, from midnight to 5 AM on Mondays and Tuesdays. 
  • Before booking, clear your cache and search in incognito mode. 

9. Check Out Tourist Cards

Did you know that many countries have tourists cards that can be used for local attractions and public transportation, which can save you a few bucks (and maybe even having to line up for tickets)? Search ahead and ask around to see if the place you are staying in offers such cards.

10. Look for Package Deals 

Note from the Editor: Sites like Expedia offer deals when you book your flights and hotels together (extra savings if you also book a rental car). Alternatively, you may purchase all inclusive vacations from low cost airlines like Air Transat or Sunwing (flight, meals and accommodation included). These tend to be very affordable and usually have direct flights.

If you’re going to an all-inclusive resort with children, look for:

  • Kids’ Club so you can get a break every day (the kids will have a blast playing with children their own age). 
  • Free stays for kids 12 & under (Sunscape, Hard Rock, Melia Caribe Tropical, and Iberostar are just a few). 
  • No penalty for single occupancy (1 adult + kids) if you are a single parent or travelling without your spouse.
  • Wading pool for young children to play in.
ten ways to save money on sun vacations

In Conclusion

I hope that these ten ways to score great deals on sun vacations help you out big time! These deals are very easy to obtain, and with the dollars saved by making slight adjustments to your trip, you’ll be able to either set that aside for other expenses during your vacation or for your next trip! If deals and packages are too expensive one day, revisit the websites each day until a reasonable deal opens up!

If you have any questions or would like to share more tips on scoring deals while traveling, then comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Deann Rebello is the founder of BearinForest.com, a camping blog that shares everything about traveling and camping. “I’m just a young lady who loves camping out and is always eager to share my bonding experience to the world. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.”

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