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Snow Fun for Everyone (Real Life Snow Fun)

by Karen Ung
All parents want what’s best for their children, and so naturally, we feel some pressure when we hear how others are keeping their kids active in the winter. Enter the blogosphere or go on Pinterest and there are amazing, yet terrifying, ways to keep your kids busy. Don’t be terrified; snow fun doesn’t need to be complicated; After all, your kids would rather spend more time doing something with you, than wait around while you research how to construct the perfect snow shelter, or be dragged to the store for food coloring (so many winter activities revolve around colored ice or water!).
Do you wanna build a snowman?

If you’re looking for real life snow fun, keep it simple. It takes so long just to get bundled up and out the door that you will lose your mind if you’re looking for “those 6 things” the Pinterest page says you need (which you will inevitably drop in the snow and lose forever once you’ve gotten them all outside).

Simple, Real Life Snow Fun

  1. Snow Castles: Resurrect the sand toys buried in the basement and make castles and shapes in the snow.
  2. Frozen Bubbles: If it’s below freezing, you can blow some ice bubbles. You’ll love what happens and the kids will feel like Elsa! No bubble solution left? No problem – mix up your own (check out this Deluxe Bubble Recipe).
  3. Mommy / Daddy’s Little Helper: Give the kids mini snow shovels (at the dollar store and Walmart) and get them to help you clear the snow off driveway while you shovel the sidewalk. Pile the snow up on your lawn and make a snow slide (onto the lawn, not the pavement!). My kids can do this all afternoon!
  4. Playground Modification: Build “landing pads” at the bottom of slides; build “walls” (giant snowballs) around a playground structure to make a little house. (Note: Metal climbers and steps are extremely slippery, but plastic and wood are usually not too bad. Spot the kids when climbing up.)
  5. Treasure Hunt: Bury a colorful ball, or something else round and soft, in the snow and have the kids look for it. Time them to make them hurry. Advanced mode: a) Go winter geocaching but look for easy-to-find caches in easy terrain as the snow will make it a lot more challenging. You can also look for the snowflake icon; these caches are not on the ground and easier to find in winter. b) If you have avalanche beacons and know how to use ’em, put one in a Tupperware, bury it in the snow, and have the kids locate it.
  6. Target Practice: Set up a target and see how many times you can hit it or knock it over with snowballs. You don’t need a paper target; we like trying to knock a plastic figurine off of a rock.
  7. Survival Skills: Build a fire and roast marshmallows, fire up your campstove and make hot chocolate, construct a snow shelter (don’t worry if it isn’t perfect).
  8. Snow Angel Variation: Make letters and then words in the snow using only your body. See the fun multiply when you have lots of kids doing this.
  9. Shadows: Mark how tall your shadows are at different times of day; make a sun dial with a stick (doesn’t have to be precise, just have fun).
  10. Old fashioned fun: Build a snowman or snow fort, make snow angels, go tobogganing or tubing (No sled? Use a flattened cardboard box or your pool floaties or tubes!)

Finally, remember to send everyone to the bathroom before you bundle up so you can enjoy the snow as long as possible.

What do your kids like to do in the snow?

*For more fun ideas, please check out the Outdoor Play Party.*

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