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Silverton Falls, Banff

by Karen Ung

While exploring the Bow Valley Parkway, don’t miss Silverton Falls, a 50-metre high waterfall near Castle Junction.

Silverton Falls is a beautiful two-tier waterfall on the scenic Bow Valley Parkway. Since it’s only 1.4 kilometres round trip, you can combine this little hike with nearby Johnston Canyon for a nice half-day outing. Other options in the area include Castle Lookout and Rockbound Lake. We enjoyed being the only ones on the trail on a snowy Saturday in November.

Note: This trail is not recommended for winter travel as the waterfall viewpoint is on an avalanche slope. The slope is also prone to mudslides and should be avoided if there has been a lot of precipitation.

Route Description

Begin the trail at the shared trailhead for Silverton Falls and Rockbound Lake. 300 metres down the forested trail, you will come to a signed junction. Go right for the falls. Continue north-east until you see an arrow pointing to the left. From here, there are a few switchbacks up a narrow path to the waterfall viewpoint. Most of the elevation gain is in this short section, but it’s over before you know it.

The trail drops off steeply on the right for the last stretch, and the small viewing area (room for 5 or 6 people) has no railings, so keep kids and pets close. Allow 30-45 minutes to hike to/from the 50 metre (164′) high falls and enjoy the view!

Silverton Falls Trail at a Glance

  • Distance: 700 metres one way
  • Elevation gain: 90 metres
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Nearest washrooms? Pit toilets at trailhead/parking lot
  • Stroller friendly? No
  • Parking: Rockbound Lake
Silverton Falls Trail, Banff
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