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Touch the Sky at Golden Skybridge

by Karen Ung

Touch the sky as you cross Canada’s highest suspension bridge, Golden Skybridge, 130 metres (426 feet) above Hospital Creek Falls in Golden, BC.

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Golden Skybridge | Image Credit: Pursuit

The bridge sways under our feet as we make our way across, and far below, waterfalls roar. I’m tempted to jump up and down, but I don’t think the people behind us – holding on to the handrails for dear life – would appreciate it… plus it’s against the rules. We are crossing the Upper Bridge at Golden Skybridge, Golden’s newest attraction. Spanning 150 metres, and perched 130 metres above the canyon floor, it is Canada’s highest suspension bridge. With spectacular views, thrilling adventures (bungee swing and zipline opening on August 15, 2021), an aerial tree park, and kids’ play area, there is fun for all ages! On our right is Hospital Creek Falls, a beautiful double waterfall; and to our left is Lower Bridge. Outlines of mountains are visible beyond the canyon; even with smoky skies, the view is impressive.

Partnership Disclosure: This story was written in partnership with Pursuit, but all words and opinions are my own.

While some walk across briskly, others (like us), take their time. It’s not every day you get to experience two such airy bridges! We hold our arms out and balance with our legs, like we’re on a ship at sea, then laugh as the bridge wobbles making us reach for the handrails. Between the bridges there are benches, viewing decks, and a fun aerial tree course ($20 per person). At a picnic table in the shade, we sip water and let a few larger groups pass, so we can have the lower bridge to ourselves.

With only three of us on the deck, the bridge hardly moves at all. My youngest relaxes enough to strike a pose, and we peer down at the creek rushing below. From this vantage point, you can tell the second bridge is lower than the first, but it’s still really high! To put it in perspective, we’re almost as high as the big ski jump (90 metres tall) at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. Looking south, we can see the town of Golden. On a clear day, the Purcell Mountains across the Columbia Valley steal the show.

After the waterfall viewpoint, the forested trail loops back to the entrance where the Village Grill, Treetop Village Play Park, washrooms, and Gift Shop await. In the courtyard, we fill up on burgers and mini donuts and cool off with Grizzly Paw Sodas that were crafted-in-Canmore. Since “It’s just right there, Mom!” we do another lap through the play park and take a couple more turns on the mini zipline.

While you could see the bridges in less than an hour, you could easily spend an afternoon here (we stayed for three hours!) especially if you try the tree course, zipline, or bungee swing, or stay for a bite to eat. Golden Skybridge’s Sky Zipline and Canyon Bungee Swing will open on August 15, 2021 if you’re up for the challenge! Do you dare to zip across the canyon or drop down into it?

Things to do at Golden Skybridge

  1. Cross the suspension bridges: Walk the gravel trail to Upper Bridge (130 metres / 426 feet high, 150 metres long) and Lower Bridge (80 metres / 262 feet high, 140 metres long). Snap a photo at the Touch the Sky viewing platform (before the lower bridge) and waterfall viewing platform (after the lower bridge). Included with admission.
  2. Treetop Village Play Park: Kids will love this play area that features a climber, slides, swings, mini suspension bridge, mini zipline, and treehouses. Included with admission.
  3. Canyon Edge Challenge ($): Harness up and try the aerial (12-metre / 40-feet high) rope course at Golden Skybridge. With three courses to choose from, including one just for kids, this is a fun adventure for the whole family. $20 per person, minimum weight 50 pounds.
  4. Giant Canyon Swing ($): This tandem bungee swing, the 2nd-biggest in Canada, is for thrill-seekers only! Free-fall into the canyon, then swing side to side. Opening on August 15, 2021.
  5. Sky Zipline ($): For an elevated, high speed experience, zip 457 metres (1500 feet) across the canyon! Opening on August 15, 2021.

Dining at Golden Skybridge

Grab a burger, craft beer or glass of wine, and mini donuts at Village Grill. During the summer you can enjoy live music performances on weekends (free with admission – for details, visit the Golden Skybridge Facebook page).

Tip: The picnic tables in the kids’ play area are shaded by tall trees.

Know Before You Go

  • There’s a three kilometre long gravel trail to the suspension bridges and back, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • For your safety and the safety of hikers in the canyon, please read all rules before going on the bridges.
  • The bridges move a bit when you walk on them, so secure all items (put them in a backpack, purse) and be careful not to drop your phone!
  • The trail is a one-way loop, but you can walk it more than once if you just can’t get enough.
  • Bring water on a hot day, and take advantage of the viewing platforms and benches along the trail; many are in the shade.
  • Wear shorts / pants if you’d like to try the Canyon Edge Challenge, Bungee Swing, or Zipline.

For More Information / Book Tickets Now

For more information or to book tickets now, visit Pursuit | Golden Skybridge.

Getting Here

Golden Skybridge is located 263 kilometres west of Calgary / 137 km west of Banff, just two minutes off the TransCanada Highway. Take Exit 780, turn left at the T-intersection, and turn right at the traffic circle. Follow the signs 1.5 km to Golden Skybridge.

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