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Miner’s Peak and the Three Bumps

by Karen Ung

Miner’s Peak is the less visited outlier of Mount Lawrence Grassi, attached to Ha Ling peak by a ridge. The summit is slightly higher (2475 m vs 2407 m for Ha Ling), and it offers an awesome view of Ha Ling and Canmore, as well as solitude. Get a photo without dozens of random people in it, then hike the three (small) bumps to climber’s right of the summit. It only takes about 10 minutes to do all of them. If you want a two-summit day, scramble to the top of Ha Ling Peak!

“Are we there yet?” Emi asks for the tenth time. It always feels longer when you’re hiking in the trees, but we’re thankful for shade on this hot day. Hikers descending smile at us and say “You’re halfway there! Good job! You’re the youngest kid on the trail today!” Now it’s our turn to smile as the girls have been coming here since they could walk. Today, however, we will be summitting Miner’s Peak instead of Ha Ling.

When we finally get a peek through the trees, the girls are motivated to hike a bit quicker. They do really well on the loose rock above treeline, but are a little sketched out by how close the trail is to the edge of the ridge. We get them away from the edge and it’s all good. At the summit bump, there is only one other hiker enjoying the view!

Getting there!
Miner’s Peak Family Photo

After a tasty treat, we hike The Three Bumps and contemplate heading up Ha Ling, but thick smoke has blown in making it hard to breathe. We decide to save our double-summit day for next time and head into Canmore for pizza.

Route Description

Starting from Goat Creek Parking lot, cross the road and go up the hill to the Ha Ling / Miner’s Peak trailhead. Follow the steep trail until you get above treeline.

Trailhead Marker for Ha Ling / Miner’s Peaks
The trail is rocky and rooty

Near the top of the ridge, there is a junction. Go right for Miner’s Peak. At the next junction, go left for the summit of Miner’s Peak and right for the Three Bumps (also known as The Three Miners). The ridge narrows towards the summit, and there is considerable exposure, so proceed at your own risk. My husband and I kept the kids back several metres from the summit for their safety.

The Three Bumps also have exposure, so do not allow children to hike them unsupervised.

Almost at the top of Miner’s Peak
Running up Miner’s Peak
View from the summit of Miner’s Peak
Heading up The Three Bumps
View from in between the 1st and 2nd bump
View of 1st bump from 2nd bump

Go back the way you came.

Miner’s Peak at a Glance

Distance: 6.2 km return
Elevation Gain: 800 m
Summit height: 2475 m
Washrooms: Pit toilets at Goat Creek Parking Lot
Stroller Friendly: NO

If you do the three bumps, the total distance and elevation gain is approximately 6.8 km return and 825 m, respectively.

Know Before You Go

This is a class 1 scramble, so good footwear is a must. We have seen people take some pretty bad falls in sandals and sneakers since the trail is so steep and has sections of loose rock. Not sure what a scramble is? Check out my Tips for First Time Scrambling.

Bring a windbreaker and fleece as it can be windy and cold at the top. Make sure you are carrying The 10 Essential Systems on this and every hike too.

Please keep your dog on a leash, and stay on the trail to preserve vegetation (you also reduce the risk of getting ticks).

This fun, easy scramble is good training for bigger scrambles like East End of Rundle or Mount Fairview.

Hike Miner's Peak and the Three Bumps, Canmore, Alberta
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