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10 Tips for Backpacking the West Coast Trail

by Karen Ung
The legendary West Coast Trail can be a walk in the park or a slick obstacle course depending on the weather, but either way the trail is worth doing for the gorgeous scenery. Expect to spend half your time on the beach and half the time hiking lush coastal rainforest, with a few opportunities to dine on the trail (seriously!).
Carmanah Point Lighthouse on the West Coast Trail 
If I could only give you ten tips for doing this 75 km backpacking trip, they would be as follows:
  1. Start from Gordon River (south end)
  2. Read the tide tables and respect the sea.
  3. Be prepared for mud.
  4. Start early each day.
  5. Pack enough food.
  6. Carry cash.
  7. Have a backup plan.
  8. Carry First Aid supplies and take some basic first aid training (wilderness first aid recommended).
  9. Bring waterproof matches and waterproof firestarters or fire paste.
  10. Book a motel at the end of the trail.

For further details, please see the complete post on the Potable Aqua blog at http://www.potableaqua.com/10-tips-backpacking-west-coast-trail/.

One of many ladders on the West Coast Trail

Information on the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (just down the coast from the West Coast Trail) is available here!

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