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Inglewood by Bike – Day Trip Itinerary

by Karen Ung
For a unique daytrip, take your family and bikes down to Inglewood. With its central location, you can access parks, playgrounds, Harvie Passage, Bow Habitat Station, the Calgary Zoo, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, and a fishing pond! There are opportunities for birding and trainspotting too! The excellent network of flat bike paths ensures that cyclists can ride safely off road to most destinations, and since most trails are paved (all except some trails in Pearce Estate Park), even baby can come along in the bike trailer.
River Passage Art Installation at Harvie Passage

Recommended Route

This 4.4 km return fun-filled route is balance bike and Chariot friendly. A detailed itinerary follows.

Image credit: Google Maps, Edited by: Karen Ung


  1. Park at Bow Habitat Station / Pearce Estate Park Interpretive Wetland and have a picnic under the towering cottonwoods. (Note that picnic areas may be reserved; bring a picnic blanket just in case.)
  2. Once everyone is fueled up and has used the facilities (public washrooms are adjacent to Bow Habitat Station, in the park), visit the playground, and explore Pearce Estate Park Interpretive Wetland. The wetlands on the south side of the park are full of birds! On our visit, we were lucky to see Mallards, Ruddy Ducks, and Red Winged Blackbirds. (For a birding app tutorial, please see this post.)
  3. Go around the park and head west on the river pathway. Be sure to stop at Harvie Passage to check out “River Passage”, a beautiful public art installation completed in October 2014. There are benches at the top to sit at. Watch the rapids, but keep kids close!
  4. Carry on to Nellie Breen Playground. This playground is one of my girls’ favorites because of its newer, unique structures. Hubby and I appreciate the comfortable seating and shade! *You will have to ride on the sidewalk for 4 blocks.*
  5. Save time to visit the Discovery Centre, join a Fish Hatchery Tour, or feed the fish at Bow Habitat Station / Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery. It is thrilling to see thousands of fish jumping for food as you toss it in!
  6. For fishing, go to the Kids Can Catch Trout Pond! Please note that it is a catch & release pond, there is a bait ban, and only single, barbless hooks may be used. Kids under 16 may fish free; 16 & over must have a valid Alberta fishing license. If you have you own equipment, fishing at the pond is free. Equipment rentals ($) are available during business hours.
All directions point to fun!

Inglewood Photo Tour

Pearce Estate Interpretive Wetland Park

Pearce Estate Park
Playground at Pearce Estate Park
Marsh at Pearce Estate Park
Birding at the Marsh at Pearce Estate Park

Harvie Passage

River Passage Art Installation at Harvie Passage
River Passage Art Installation at Harvie Passage
River Passage Art Installation at Harvie Passage
Harvie Passage – Keep kids close, those rapids are powerful!


Bike Path

Trainspotting along the river pathway
The bike path is paved and flat – perfect for new cyclists or towing a bike trailer.
Nellie Breen Park
Nellie Breen Park
Relaxing in the comfy chairs at Nellie Breen Park
Nellie Breen Playground
Nellie Breen Playground

Bow Habitat Station

Fishing at Kids Can Catch Trout Pond,
Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery / Bow Habitat Station
Feeding the Fish at Bow Habitat Station
Bow Habitat Station

Other Family Attractions in the Area

For a longer ride, continue west on the river pathway to Fort Calgary or Eau Claire, go north to the Zoo, or head south to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. 

Calgary Zoo – It is a pleasant 2.3 km ride to the West entrance of this world class Zoo (from Bow Habitat Station). Note that the West Gate is only open during peak season. It is about 1.5 km further to the North Gate.

Fort Calgary – Journey into the past, only 2.7 km from Bow Habitat Station. (For a longer ride, continue on another 2.3 km to Eau Claire for dining, a free wading pool and spray park, large playground, lagoon, and park.)

St Patrick’s Island – Just past Fort Calgary, on River Walk/Bow River Pathway, go north on the George C. King bridge to St Patrick’s Island. There is a cool, new playground on the island as well as one near the junction of the river trail and bridge.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary – 2.1 km from Bow Habitat Station. The grounds are closed until mid-2016 for flood repairs, but the Nature Centre is open and Guided Tours are available. Check the parks website for hours.

Spolumbo’s – Visit Spolumbo’s on 9th Avenue SE for an amazing Italian deli sandwich and cold drink!

Did I miss any special spots in Inglewood? Let me know!

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