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Why You Need a Hammock (and Peak Camping Hammock Review)

by Karen Ung

Camping hammocks are the sleek, svelte cousins of old school hammocks. Say goodbye to canvas and rope and say hello to super strong, light material and easy-to-fasten tree straps. They’re compact and light enough to take everywhere with you. We bring ours hiking and camping, but some backpackers even sleep in them instead of a tent! Here’s what we love about lightweight camping hammocks and why you need one (or two… we already had one but couldn’t say no to another one!).

Peak Camping Hammock
Peak Camping Hammock
  1. Sit or sleep (almost) anywhere. All you need are decent sized trees or large rocks.
  2. Being off the ground means you stay clean, dry, and comfy. Hammocks are a convenient alternative to foam pads when the ground is muddy or wet, and are way more comfortable. We also like being off the ground during tick season.
  3. Save your butt (and your knees)! You could sit on the hard, cold ground OR you could lounge in your hammock.
  4. Epic photos. Hang a hammock across a beautiful scene for a pop of color and chill vibe. I am still working on the perfect hammock photo, but love this one.
    Photo by @rebellious.1
  5. Hang with friends! A high quality hammock like the Peak Two-Person Camping Hammock can hold up to 500 pounds (227 kg) so you can share your hammock without breaking it. My whole family can sit in the hammock, but we prefer to have two people per hammock so we can lie down.
    Peak Camping Hammock
    Two peas in a pod!
  6. Compact. At 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide when stuffed in its stuff sack, the Peak Double Hammock can be thrown in your pack or hung on the outside of your pack with a carabiner. It is a lot smaller than a camp chair!
  7. Quick and easy to set up. We can set up our hammock in about the same time it takes to set up our ultralight camping chair, but the double hammock (3 lbs including straps and stuff sack) is smaller and lighter than two camp chairs (2 lbs each). 
  8. Nonstop campsite entertainment. When we set up our hammock, the kids play. They swing in it, hide in it, try to fling each other out, and sometimes quietly rock and read in it. Just don’t buy a yellow one and call it a banana hammock or you’ll have some explaining to do! (Our friends *may* have done that.)
  9. Affordable and versatile. One double hammock costs less than two ultralight camping chairs and as shown above, can also be a swing or bed!

Peak Two-Person Camping Hammock Review

Disclosure: Peak Camping Hammocks generously provided us with a free double hammock to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

We have been testing the Peak Two Person (Double) Camping Hammock for a few months and like how spacious, compact (when packed), and sturdy it is. It is similar quality to other camping hammocks we’ve tried, but the price point is very reasonable. Peak’s founders, Eric and Kelli, “sought a way to source the highest quality product possible, without taking shortcuts and without tacking on a huge markup, so that more people could enjoy a camping hammock as much as we do.” I love that they donate 5% of profits to environmental conservation too.

While it’s not the lightest camping hammock we’ve tried, it is bigger, can accommodate more weight, and comes with longer tree traps, while being a similar packed size. The 10 foot x 6.5 foot wide hammock packs down to only 7×5 inches.

Peak Camping Hammock
Stretch out in the 10-foot long hammock!

The double hammock weighs in at 3 pounds including straps, carabiners and stuff sack. Since it weighs only 1 oz more than the single hammock, and can accommodate 500 lbs vs 350 lbs, I highly recommend the double hammock so you can have peace of mind when sharing your hammock – especially if several rambunctious children like to jump in it!

The hammock is made of triple-stitched 210t ripstop nylon which is light, but strong, and breathable. So far it’s held up well to wear and tear – “normal” and otherwise (kids jumping in it). A stuff sack of the same material is attached to the hammock so you won’t lose it.

Peak Camping Hammock
Peak Camping Hammock

Two ten-foot long tree straps made of heavy duty webbing are included. Their width makes them more tree friendly than rope. We appreciated the longer length of the Peak Camping Hammock Tree Straps (10 feet long vs 6 feet long like some other brands) so we could hang the hammock in stands of large trees or where trees were far apart. Packing tip: fold the straps in half so you can roll them up in half the time!

The included aluminum wire-gate carabiners are fairly rugger and easy to use. We’ve had no issues with them whatsoever, but eventually we will upgrade to all metal carabiners.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the generous size of the Peak Camping Hammock Double Hammock, its long tree straps, great color choices, and sturdy material.

Where to Buy

Buy yourself an awesome hammock from peakcampinghammock.com. Play Outside Guide readers can save $20 on each hammock purchased with coupon code OUTSIDE20.

why you need a hammock
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