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Look good and feel fab with Bronze Baxx Luxury Tanning & Wellness (more than tanning!)

by Karen Ung

Pamper yourself with a Zen Session (infrared sauna session) or Ballancer Pro lymphatic massage, to feel and look your best.

Bronze Baxx Luxury Tanning & Wellness is known for their top-of-the-line tanning beds and awesome airbrushed spray tans, but they also offer wellness treatments! Recently, I had the chance to try their Ballancer Pro (lymphatic massage) and full-spectrum infrared sauna; two offerings that are popular with athletes because they help with post-training recovery. As an added bonus, these treatments are slimming because they help your body eliminate extra water weight.

Bronze Baxx Luxury Tanning & Wellness
Bronze Baxx Luxury Tanning & Wellness (more than tanning!)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Massage and Infrared Sauna session from Bronze Baxx Tanning Salon, but all words and opinions are my own.

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna – Sanctuary Experience

Bronze Baxx Infrared Sauna
Bronze Baxx Infrared Sauna

Ashley gives me a cold eucalyptus towel (lavender scent also available) and quick orientation before I hop in the sauna. It’s pretty easy to use, and there is even an iPad mounted on the wall so I can watch Netflix or listen to music (plus Bluetooth Audio to sync your phone), but I’m interested in the health benefits. I’m also curious if “full spectrum” means I will be exposed to UV light, but she assures me there’s no UV light in the sauna.

Basically, the full-spectrum infrared sauna “has three different [infrared] wavelengths; near, mid, and far all do different things.” Different wavelengths penetrate different layers, so the sauna doesn’t need to be as hot as a traditional sauna to get you sweating. While sweating is “good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis,” the heat helps sore muscles. I’m ready to put this to the test as I have super dry skin and am sore from running the day before. I’m feeling guilty about skipping my morning workout to be here, but Ashley informs me, “You’re gonna burn about 600 calories [in the sauna].” Works for me!

Finally, Ashley tells me about chromatherapy and shows me how to change the colors of the lights (different colors are supposed to give different health benefits).

I grab my water bottle, turn on some music, and settle in for my Sanctuary Experience. After 10 minutes, I’m sweating pretty good, but not feeling overheated like I do in traditional saunas. Over the next half hour, the heat gets into my neck, back, and legs and I don’t feel as stiff and sore as when I arrived. By the end, my skin is glowing too! It’s a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience; so much that I wish I had an infrared sauna in my house!

Learn more about Bronze Baxx Infrared Sauna here.

Ballancer Pro

Ballancer Pro lymphatic massage at Bronze Baxx

The Ballancer Pro is like a cool, robot-airbag massage. If you are treating your legs and abdomen, you put on a “suit” that goes from your toes to your chest, turn it on, and let the suit do its work. There are 24 chambers that alternate how much pressure they apply by inflating and deflating up and down your body. The pre-therapy cycle starts near your lymph nodes, and then the massage moves out to your extremities. It squeezes you pretty hard, but shouldn’t hurt. If you need to adjust the pressure, you can with a remote.

It “can be good for circulation issues, recovery for athletes, and travel, ” Ashley shares. I keep it in mind for post-flight bloating. Celebs and pro athletes like it too!

After my 45-minute session, I don’t look different (yet), but my legs feel noticeably lighter. And I’m ready for a nap. Both sessions have been super relaxing. The next day, however, I notice my belly looks trimmer and my skinny jeans don’t feel as tight!

I like that the Ballancer Pro is quick, relaxing, and non-invasive – and gave noticeable results within a day. A good option if you have a wedding or special occasion coming up!

Read more about the Ballancer Pro here.

Know Before You Go

The infrared sauna is booked for you only, so you don’t have to share; but it doesn’t cost much more to bring a friend.

Between sweating and increased circulation from the sauna, and lymphatic drainage from the Ballancer Pro massage, “you’re going to wanna be near a washroom for the next few hours,” Ashley says. Drink a lot of water after your treatments to get the most benefit. Water will help flush toxins out, and keep you hydrated.

You can enjoy these services post-workout, but if you are doing them primarily to fit the dress or look more toned, schedule them the day before your event (so you can enjoy yourself without running to pee every couple hours). It’s worth it – you will look feel and look great!

A plush robe is provided for your visit, so you can wear this around the studio if you are getting other services done.

More Bronze Baxx Services

In addition to Ballancer Pro (lymphatic massage) and infrared sauna sessions, Bronze Baxx offers the following services: tanning, spray tans, teeth whitening, shaping treatments (Velashape III, Ultrashape), Cryotherapy, Hydration, and IV Therapy.

For More Information

To book your appointment or learn about other services, please visit Bronze Baxx Tanning Salons.

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