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SKINS DNAmic Compression Thermals Review: Feel Good in Your SKINS!

by Karen Ung
SKINS Compression Sportswear is marketed as “equipment not clothing” because the science behind it actually improves performance. While professional athletes have been reaping the benefits of compression wear for decades, non-pro athletes can also benefit – and look good at the same time. I recently received some compression gear and active wear from SKINS to test out and instantly fell in love with it. Here’s my review of the SKINS thermals.
Disclosure: I received free samples of SKINS sportswear to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

SKINS DNAmic Thermals and SKINS Puffer Hoody
SKINS DNAmic Thermals and SKINS Puffer Hoody


I was intrigued by this company for a few reasons: they make award winning gear, have put a lot of research and development into it, and have a cool back story.The company was founded by Brad Duffy, an Australian physiologist and ski enthusiast, who wanted to feel younger so he could ski all day, party all night and do it again the next day. Who hasn’t wanted to ski / run / train longer and harder with less pain? After consulting NASA and other experts, SKINS were developed to do just that… the performance part anyways; no guarantees on feeling good after partying all night.
To date, 10 independent peer reviewed studies have confirmed the benefits of SKINS compression wear for sports performance including: improved endurance, strength and power; increased muscle oxygenation; faster recovery time & lactic acid removal; and decreased exercise induced muscle damage. SKINS compression wear is recommended by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and their compression stockings are registered as a therapeutic device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Read more about SKINS compression technology here.
In addition to creating award winning products, SKINS champions ethical sportsmanship. They support a variety of initiatives (e.g. anti-doping) that “take a stand against dishonesty and discrimination in sport both on and off the field.” Feel good supporting a do-good company that makes great gear!
SKINS DNAmic Thermals and SKINS Puffer Hoody
SKINS DNAmic Thermals and SKINS Puffer Hoody


I tested the SKINS DNAmic Thermal long sleeve mockneck with zip and DNAmic Thermal long tights cross country skiing in -20 C (-4 F) to +5 C (41 F) over the last two months. They feel so amazing, I’ve worn them for days at a time on ski trips!

DNAmic Thermals Review – What I Like

DNAmic gradient compression

The DNAmic compression tights provide maximum compression around the calves, and gradually less compression as you move towards the heart (with less compression around the knees). I actually noticed less fatigue/pain in my shins after long cross country ski days (20+ km), so I wear them on every ski trip now!

Compared to typical running tights or yoga pants, DNAmic tights provide a lot more support. However, they are not as snug fitting as prescription grade compression stockings (I had to wear them while pregnant), so you can wear them comfortably all day for endurance sports or high intensity workouts.

SKINS DNAmic Thermal Long Sleeve Mock Neck Zip Top
SKINS DNAmic Thermal Long Sleeve Mock Neck Zip Top

As for the top, the DNAmic Thermal women’s long sleeve mock neck provides support to the core, arms, and back to reduce fatigue while providing freedom of movement. Since I improved my cross country double poling technique considerably this season, I’m not sure what % of pain reduction resulted from changing technique vs. wearing compression gear. In any case, the top provides good support and warmth!

SKINS DNAmic Thermals & XC Ski Pants
SKINS DNAmic Thermals & XC Ski Pants

Temperature and moisture control

DNAmics thermals are really warm for their weight! I wore them on their own in -10C to -15C and just wore a vest/light jacket and cross country ski pants over them in colder temperatures. Note: I tend to run cold and wear more layers than most people.

On the flip side, when skiing fast or climbing hills, the quarter zip and stretch airflow mesh in the pits prevented me from overheating. Moisture wicking material in the top and bottoms kept me comfortably dry.


SKINS fit true to size if you order based on their size chart. Choose leggings by height and weight, ordering the smaller size if you’re between tights sizes so you get the full benefit of gradient compression. For tops, you will need your chest circumference; opt for the larger size if you’re in between sizes.

I am 5’3″, and small waisted with muscular legs and was pleased the tights fit perfectly – with no camel toe. It was nice to not have to hem tights for a change too (I order 7/8 length in another brand)! The top also fit perfectly!

SKINS DNAmic Thermals
SKINS DNAmic Thermals


The DNAmic thermals have brushed interiors so the fabric is so soft against your skin. I love the flat seams too. Whether I was skiing or at the apres, I am comfortable in my SKINS thermals all day.


I’ve washed my DNAmic tights and thermals several times over the past two months and they’re still good as new (no pilling or loss of stretch) except for one spot that got caught on the velcro of my snow pants.

SKINS has a 1 year warranty that covers material or workmanship flaws from the day you buy them.

Thoughtful details

Reflectors on the wrists and ankles are helpful for night running/biking, the top’s chin guard keeps the zipper away from my skin, and the  silicon gripper on the top’s inner lower hem keeps it (mostly) from riding up.

SKINS DNAmic Thermal Long Sleeve Mock Neck with Zip Top
SKINS DNAmic Thermal Long Sleeve Mock Neck with Zip Top

DNAmic Thermals Review – What I Would Like To See

While the DNAmic top is super comfortable and versatile with the 1/4 zip, I wish it were slightly longer. Since I stop a lot to take photos and get snacks out of my backpack for the kids, I found the top riding up in the back sometimes. (I suppose if I just skied, I wouldn’t have that problem but such is life with kids and a photo taking addiction.)


For cool weather training, I highly recommend the SKINS DNAmic thermals. They fit well, feel good, and look good! The compression tights alleviated shin pain on long cross country ski days, and the top and bottoms kept me warm when exercising in cold temperatures (up to -15 C).
SKINS DNAmic Compression Thermals Review
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Where to Buy

Buy SKINS for women and men online from skins.net or Amazon. In addition to thermals, they make all-season compression wear, stylish active wear, and accessories. Take a sneak peek at the active wear and compression tights below!

SKINS DNAmic compression tights and active wear
SKINS Puffer Hoody, Odot T-shirt, and DNAmic long tights
SKINS DNAmic compression tights and active wear
SKINS Puffer Hoody, Odot T-shirt, and DNAmic long tights

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