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Granary Road Active Learning Park

by Karen Ung

Granary Road is Calgary’s newest attraction with an Active Learning Park for the kids, and Public Market and Loft Kitchen Restaurant the whole family can enjoy.


The Active Learning Park boasts 11 cool exhibits on 36 acres. Walk beneath giant animatronic creatures, take a mini zip line at the Orchard Treehouse, find your way through the Blind-as-a-Bat Maze, and visit the beekeeper before brushing the goats and doing the 4-storey obstacle course at the Ant Farm. Don’t forget to visit the 20-foot high spider web, lily pad trampolines, and giant chicken coop for more fun! Finally, enjoy some quiet time at the Mushroom Meander, Wetlands, or Crop Grow Row exhibits.

Frog slide at Frog Pond Fun Pad, Granary Road
Lily Pad Spinner at Frog Pond Fun Pad, Granary Road
Lily Pad Trampoline at Frog Pond Fun Pad, Granary Road
Mushroom Meander, Granary Road
Orchard Treehouse, Granary Road
Mini zipline at the Orchard Treehouse, Granary Road
Farm Friends Petting Zoo, Granary Road
Have you ever brushed a goat?
Arachnid Web, Granary Road – they have swings too!
Ant Farm Adventure, Granary Road
Chicken Coop, Granary Road
My kids enjoyed the coop and big slides, as well as the scrambled egg swings & egg spinners


Each exhibit has learning walls where you can read fun facts and test your knowledge with true or false questions. Some exhibits also have learning kiosks where you can see a real ant farm, spiders, and honeycomb (ants and spiders coming soon). My girls got a kick out of feeling guano (bat dung) – with gloves on.

The staff were really helpful and informed. At Bee Hive Honeycomb, the beekeeper talked about the importance of bees and how we can help them. Staff at Farm Friends Petting Zoo brought out baby bunnies to pet and told us about the other animals in the park.

Bat Cave Hangout Learning Kiosk, Granary Road
Frog Pond Fun Pad Learning Display, Granary Road
Wetlands Learning “Kiosk”, Granary Road (there were little fish inside!)
Bee Presentation at Bee Hive Honeycomb, Granary Road


Have a picnic in one of many large gazebos, or sunny picnic areas. We enjoyed chilling out in the shade while the kids played.

Gazebo, Granary Road

Granary Road Active Learning Park At a Glance

  • 11 Fun, Play-on Exhibits over 3 km
  • Target age: 4-8 years old (The recommended age for Orchard Treehouse and Ant Farm is 5+)
  • Allow at least 2 hours to see everything; longer if you wish to have a picnic and/or read all the interpretive signs.
  • Stroller friendly? Yes, but a sports stroller is recommended as the gravel path is bumpy
  • Dining? A lemonade stand and concession with light fare (sandwiches, ice cream bars, popsicles, and drinks) is in the park. A Public Market and restaurant are near the entrance.
  • Washrooms? Flush toilets at the Market and Farm Friends Petting Zoo

Know Before You Go

While day admission is a bit high for adults, Family Season’s Passes – suitable for a family with 2 adults + 2 kids 3 & over – pay for themselves in 3 visits. Kids 2 & under get in free.

Bring lots of water as your kids will be running, climbing and jumping! When they need to cool off, relax in one of the many gazebos throughout the park.

For More Information

Visit Granary Road’s website.

Granary Road Active Learning Park, Calgary
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Granary Road generously hosted our visit to the Active Learning Park. All words and opinions are my own.

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