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Aventura Jayla Vest Combines Style, Comfort, and Eco-Friendly Fabrics

by Karen Ung
If you volunteer, bike to work, and share your passions with your community and loved ones, you are living the Aventura life! Founded in 2006, Aventura designs “comfortable clothing with an active focus while being thoughtful to both people and the environment”. Their eco-friendly fabrics are not only sustainable and grown without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, but high quality and attractive. I have been testing the Jayla Vest and love how soft, stylish, and well made it is! Knowing that Aventura works hard to reduce their impact on the environment through various green initiatives makes me feel good too.

Aventura Jayla Vest Review

The Jayla Vest has been on my wishlist for a while, so I was stoked to receive one! The quilted material provides a lot of warmth for its weight and the knit sides are soft and stretchy. The stretch makes for comfy, easy layering. The collar is also made of knit material that is soft to the touch, so I can zip it right up to the top without irritating my sensitive skin. In fact, I wore the vest 4 days straight because it was so comfortable and warm (I needed a second layer during that cold snap!).
Aventura Jayla Vest in Silver Sconce – so cute!
The vest fit true to size according to the Aventura size chart (shown below). My measurements are 34-26-36, so I ordered the vest in XS and found it to be very flattering with plenty of room for a sweater, big dinner… and dessert! 
Aventura Size Chart
To keep your vest looking its best, the Jayla must be handwashed or dry cleaned, but that’s not a dealbreaker, right?
If you’re looking for something pretty enough for the office, but comfy enough for every day wear, the Jayla Vest is a great choice!  Available in jewel tones and neutrals, which color will you choose? 

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Please visit Aventura.


Aventura generously provided me with a Jayla Vest to review, but all opinions are my own.

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