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Nutcase Snow Helmets Review

by Karen Ung
Based in Portland, Oregon, Nutcase Helmets makes stylish bike and snow helmets for all ages. With bold colors and patterns, Nutcase helmets are more than just safety gear; they’re awesome accessories! We recently discovered the Snow line (after using Nutcase bike helmets for over five years), and are stoked to share our review with you! 

Disclosure: I received free samples in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


My girls wore the Nutcase Snow Helmets skiing, sledding, and skating for 30 minutes to 5 hours a day, once or twice a week from February to April. (Note that these helmets are approved for skiing and snowboarding. Ice hockey helmets are recommended for sledding and skating.)
Nutcase Snow Helmet in Action
Testing the Nutcase Snow Helmets at Lake Louise

What We Liked

  • Big POG (6 yrs old) and Little POG (5 yrs old) were able to put on and take off the helmets on their own thanks to the no-pinch Fidlock® magnetic buckle
  • Safe design – Round, brimless helmets are the safest as they provide the least sliding resistance in a crash. In other words, there are no edges sticking out to jerk your head around in an accident (don’t try this!). No brim also makes it easier to raise your goggles when you go into the lodge for some chow.
  • Complies with ASTM F2040 Snow Helmet Safety Standard.
  • Durable hard shell construction – While hard shell (injection-molded) helmets are generally heavier than in-mold shells, they are suitable for children as they’re more resistant to daily wear and tear. The kids have dropped their helmets on the pavement a few times, but the shell and inner foam are undamaged.
  • Each snow helmet comes with 3 fleece liners in different thicknesses for the perfect fit. On cold days, we changed to a thinner liner to allow room for a beanie under each helmet. The liners are attach securely and easily with velcro, are washable, and most importantly, comfy. 
  • The girls tend to run warm, but didn’t get sweaty as the Nutcase Snow Helmets have 11 screened vents. They only wore beanies with the helmets when it was crazy cold (around -15C).
  • We found the helmets fit true to size. The Small-Medium size (53-57cm/20 7/8″-22 3/8″) fit Big POG perfectly with the 7 mm fleece liner. Little POG got a perfect fit with the 12 mm fleece liner. I expect they’ll be able to wear these helmets for at least 2 more years!
  • Fun colors and patterns! There are currently 6 solid colors and 2 patterns to choose from. We got Vanilla Sky (white) and Cheetah. I’m not sure I would get white again as it blends in with the snow, but it looks sharp with colorful ski wear. The Cheetah pattern is unique and we get compliments on it all the time! Both helmets have a nice matte finish that is easy to clean.
    Stumptown Woody Snow Helmet by Nutcase
    Image Credit: Nutcase Helmets
  • The helmets fit well with the girls’ Spy Goggles. 
Spy Goggles are compatible with Nutcase Snow Helmets
  • Other features: Removable ear pads, chin pad and goggle strap holder. 
Nutcase Snow Helmet in Vanilla Sky
Big POG at Nakiska

What We Would Like To See

  • An adjustable spin dial like on the Nutcase bike helmets would be convenient if you don’t have the extra helmet liners on hand. This said, we were able to get a perfect fit with the included helmet liners.
  • More funky patterns!

The Verdict

Besides looking great, the Nutcase Snow Helmets have been thoughtfully designed for safety and comfort. Construction is sturdy and kid-proof, 11 vents and mesh/fleece liners provide ventilation to prevent overheating, and the no-pinch Fidlock® magnetic buckle makes putting on and removing the helmet a breeze. We enthusiastically recommend Nutcase Snow Helmets to anyone who loves snow sports and wants a unique look. Since a snow helmet is a must for skiing and snowboarding, and you have to wear it all day long, it’s important to get one you are excited to wear! 

Where to Buy

To purchase a Nutcase Snow Helmet or get more information, visit nutcasehelmets.com. Most of the snow helmets are on sale, so now is the perfect time to buy!

Nutcase Snow Helmets are currently not available within Canada, but may be ordered online and shipped from the U.S. Bike helmets, however, are available at Mountain Equipment Co-op and select bike shops. Stay tuned for a bike helmet giveaway later this spring!

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