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Alberta Parks Campground Opening Dates

by Karen Ung
Did you know some Alberta Parks campgrounds open this weekend and many are open year-round? Get a head start on camping before peak season and make the most of the warm weather! Campsites at open campgrounds are available on a first come-first served (FCFS) basis until reservation season, so you can save the $12 reservation fee to boot! For more information on booking campsites in Alberta Parks, scroll down.
Following is a list of opening dates for: Alberta Parks vehicle access campgrounds, Kananaskis Backcountry campgrounds, and campgrounds in select Provincial Recreation Areas (around the Ghost and Nordegg). Please note that I have made every effort to provide correct information, but opening dates may vary based on campground operators (especially in PRAs) and conditions. Please confirm information with Alberta Parks before heading out!

Alberta Parks Campground Opening Dates

Year Round

  • Beauvais Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Big Elbow Backcountry Campground (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • Chain Lakes (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Elkwater (Online Reservations)
  • Dinosaur (Online Reservations) See my review here.
  • Fisher Creek*
  • Kinbrook Island (Online Reservations)
  • McLean Creek (Online Reservations)
  • Miquelon Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Oldman Dam – Castleview (Online Reservations)
  • Peter Lougheed – Point Backcountry  (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136) See my review here.
  • Quaite Valley Backcountry (Online Reservations)
  • St. Mary Reservoir – St. Mary Upper
  • Tombstone Backcountry (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • William A. Switzer – Gregg Lake (Online Reservations)
  • William A. Switzer – Jarvis Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Writing-On-Stone (Online Reservations)

April 1

  • Bow Valley – Willow Rock

April 8

  • Bow Valley – Three Sisters

April 9

  • Gooseberry* (Alberta Parks website says April 29, but when we drove by on April 9, the sign said ‘Open’ and there were several campers there! Confirm with Kananaskis Country Campgrounds.)

April 15

  • Lake McGregor
  • Little Bow (Online Reservations)
  • Tillebrook (Online Reservations)
  • Vermilion (Online Reservations)
  • Wyndham-Carseland (Online Reservations)

April 29

  • Bow Valley – Bow Valley (Online Reservations) See my review here.
  • Bow Valley – Lac Des Arc (Online Reservations)
  • Bow Valley – Bow River
  • Crimson Lake – Crimson Lake (Online Reservations) See my review here.
  • Crimson Lake – Twin Lakes (Online Reservations)
  • Medicine Lake*
  • Sheep River – Sandy McNabb
  • Sibbald Lake* – 134 sites

April 30

  • Brazeau Reservoir – Reservoir Loops (Online Reservations)
  • Brazeau Reservoir – West Canal (Online Reservations)

May 1

  • Beaverdam*
  • Burnt Timber*
  • Cartier Creek*
  • Chambers Creek*
  • Crescent Falls*
  • Cypress Hills – Spruce Coulee (Online Reservations)
  • Dry Haven*
  • Dunvegan (Online Reservations)
  • Fallen Timber North*
  • Fallen Timber South*
  • Fish Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Ghost Reservoir*
  • Goldeye Lake*
  • Gregoire Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Harlech*
  • Horburg*
  • Jackfish Lake*
  • James Wilson*
  • Moonshine Lake (Online Reservations)
  • North Ghost*
  • Red Deer River North*
  • Red Deer River South*
  • Saskatoon Island (Online Reservations)
  • Saunders*
  • St. Mary Reservoir – St. Mary Lower (Online Reservations)
  • Thompson Creek*
  • Thunder Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Two O’Clock Creek*
  • Wabamun Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Waiparous Creek*
  • Winagami Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Young’s Point – Young’s Point Main (Online Reservations)

May 6

  • Cross Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Old Man Dam – Cottonwood (Online Reservations)

May 8

  • Jarvis Bay (Online Reservations)
  • Long Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Pigeon Lake – Pigeon Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Pigeon Lake – Zeiner (Online Reservations)
  • Red Lodge (Online Reservations)

May 9

  • Aspen Beach – Brewers (Online Reservations)
  • Paddy’s Flat Campground*

May 11

  • Carson-Pegasus (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Battle Creek (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Beaver Creek (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Ferguson Hill (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Firerock (Online Reservations). See my review here.
  • Cypress Hills – Lakeview (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Lodgepole (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Old Baldy (Online Reservations)
  • Cypress Hills – Reesor Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Park Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Pembina River (Online Reservations)

May 13

  • Peter Lougheed – Boulton Creek (Online Reservations)
  • Peter Lougheed – Elkwood (Online Reservations)
  • Pierre Grey’s Lakes (Online Reservations)

May 14

  • Hilliard’s Bay (Online Reservations)
  • Kehiwin (Online Reservations)
  • Lesser Slave Lake – Marten River (Online Reservations)
  • Sir Winston Churchill (Online Reservations)

May 15

  • Aspen Beach – Lakeview
  • Beaver Flats Campground*
  • Cold Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Franchere Bay (Online Reservations)
  • Garner Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Little Elbow (Online Reservations)
  • Little Elbow Equestrian (Online Reservations)
  • Moose Lake (Online Reservations)
  • North Buck Lake (Online Reservations)
  • North Fork*
  • Sheep River – Blue Rock
  • Whitney Lakes – Ross Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Whitney Lakes – Whitney Lake (Online Reservations)

May 18

  • Cataract Creek*
  • Dilberry Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Etherington Creek (Online Reservations)
  • Greenford*
  • Peter Lougheed – Interlakes
  • Peter Lougheed – Lower Lakes
  • Spray Valley – Spray Lakes West

May 19

  • Beaver Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Calling Lake (Online Reservations)
  • Indian Graves* (Call 403-995-5554 for Reservations)

June 3

  • Spray Valley – Eau Claire

June 15

  • Peter Lougheed – Elbow Lake Backcountry  (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • Peter Lougheed – Forks Backcountry  (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • Spray Valley – Ribbon Falls Backcountry (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)

June 16

  • Bow Valley – Jewell Bay Backcountry  (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)

June 17

  • Peter Lougheed – Canyon

June 24

  • Peter Lougheed – Aster Lake Backcountry  (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • Peter Lougheed – Mount Sarrail
  • Peter Lougheed – Three Isle Lake Backcountry (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • Peter Lougheed – Turbine Canyon (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)
  • Spray Valley – Ribbon Lake Backcountry (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)

Winter Only (December 10 – April 7)

  • Spray Valley – Rummel Lake Winter Backcountry Campground (Online Request or Call 403-678-3136)

How Can I Make a Reservation?

During reservation season (May 1 -September 30 for most campgrounds), the Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca can show you reservation availability for individual campsites. If your desired campground takes reservations, book your campsite online at Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca.
Outside reservation season, campsites are available on a first come-first served basis provided the campground is open.
Backcountry campsite bookings can be requested by phone (403-678-3136) or by filling out the online request form here.
Have fun and let me know if you have any questions about camping in Alberta!

For More Information

Disclosure: I am an Alberta Parks Ambassador, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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