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The Snow Show Book Review

by Karen Ung

What do you get when a snowman, Snow White and Jack Frost team up to make snow for a live, studio audience?  The Snow Show! With vivid illustrations and snappy dialogue, Carolyn Fisher’s Snow Show takes us on an entertaining, but informative journey through the water cycle. 

The Snow Show by Carolyn Fisher is available at Indigo

After the ingredients are listed, Chef Kelvin, the snowman, performs various stunts (despite his fear of heights), to demonstrate all the phase changes involved in snow creation. His trusty sous-chefs tag along to make sure the temperature is just right every step of the way. 

While the subject is scientific, the book reads like a children’s story, or rather TV program, complete with commercial break (while Chef Kelvin has a meltdown). My girls delighted in the definition of a gas – you will have to read it yourself to see what gave them the giggles – as well as Chef Kelvin’s dramatic outbursts.

The Snow Show would be most suitable for elementary school aged kids, but my 4 year old enjoyed it as much as my 6 year old did. The story flows nicely with or without the phase change side bars, so it is possible to simplify for a younger audience or get into more detail with older readers. To continue the learning, be sure to download the Snow Show Study Guide here (a free download) for fun snow-related activities.

We love snow, and the girls are at the ‘Why?’ stage, so The Snow Show allowed us satisfy their curiosity in a fun way. I think the book would make a great gift for any boy or girl (although one of the sous chefs is named Snow White, the story isn’t princessy at all)!

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Where to Buy

The Snow Show is available from Indigo, or at http://www.carolynfisher.com/shop/

For More Information

Visit Carolyn’s blog at http://www.carolynfisher.com/the-snow-show.


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