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Why I Choose To Opt Outside

by Karen Ung
Although I love good deals as much as the next person (maybe more), you couldn’t pay me to go shopping on Black Friday. There’s something about all those people crammed in one place that gets me wanting to run for the hills, er… I mean, mountains. And then there’s the issue of keeping it all together while I steer two little kids (with a tendency to run off) through the deal-seeking hordes. It would be easier to herd four dozen mountain goats! Better to buy all my stuff online or second hand and enjoy some peace and quiet in the open air. Time outside with my family time is quality time worth more than any deal! 
Forget Black Friday! Go fly a kite! 😉
Opting outside preserves my sanity and is better for my body too! Cinnamon buns and poutine won’t be calling my name. Instead, snow covered trails will beckon and trees will bend low to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Sure, there’ll be cocoa in my Thermos, but all the sugar will be burned off by the end of our day.  
Snowshoe, ski, hike, or bike – just play outside!

Will you say no to Black Friday shopping and opt outside with me on Friday?

For more information on the REI #OptOutside campaign, please visit http://optoutside.rei.com/.

This post is NOT sponsored by REI; I just love the idea of shops closing on Black Friday!

Ways to Opt Outside

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