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Crafted for Kids, These Bikes Have It All – WOOM 2 & 3 Review

by Karen Ung
Since our family is big on biking, we put considerable research into getting our girls the best bikes we could afford, and time and time again, we kept hearing about WOOM Bikes. Lightweight, designed expressly for children, and painted in gumball colors, WOOM Bikes combines beautiful frames with child-specific ergonomic design and high quality, non toxic parts. These bikes have taken the European children’s bike market by storm and are rapidly gaining popularity in North America.

Little POG on WOOM 1 and Big POG on WOOM 2 at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

When we got the chance to test the WOOM 2 (14″ bike), we quickly saw what the hype was about. The bikes fit just right, they were comfortable to ride, and they looked good too. In fact, Big POG liked the WOOM 2 so much, we bought the WOOM 3 (16″ bike)! In this review, we will be sharing our experience with the WOOM 2 (14″ bike) & WOOM 3 (16″ bike).

WOOM Bikes Size Chart



– 4 years

130 cm

Unboxing & Assembly

The bikes were packed well and came out of the box easily: Wheels were true and already installed; pedals, tools, and bell were packed separately so nothing would scratch the bike; and all areas that could contact the box were wrapped in foam wrap. Note that you will need a pair of scissors to clip all the zipties.
Minimal assembly was required and tools and assembly instructions were provided. All we had to do was attach the pedals, adjust the handlebars, adjust the seat height, and tighten the head set. (Be sure not to overtighten the head set!) It was quick and easy! 

Total setup time: 5 minutes.

The WOOM 2 (red) and WOOM 1 (blue)

Testing (The Fun Part!) 

Big POG riding the WOOM 2 downhill on a gravel trail
Big POG, 5.5 years old and 107 cm (42″) tall, is the perfect size to test the WOOM 2 and WOOM 3 as her height is in the recommended range for both bikes. Although Big POG could safely and comfortably ride both bikes, she preferred the WOOM 3 as she has been riding a 16″ bike for the past year, and likes going faster with bigger wheels. 

Over the last two months, Big POG put some serious mileage on the bikes. She rode them on pavement, dirt trails, and gravel trails, up hill and downhill, and was just as happy on the WOOM bikes as her Spawn Banshee (16″). This is a big deal as she is in love with her Spawn bike! We asked her which bike felt faster, lighter, more comfortable; which one had better steering or braking; and she said everything was the same but the WOOM bikes were a bit more comfortable and the saddles were softer. (Of course she could also tell that the WOOM 2 was lighter than her Spawn bike, but the WOOM 2 is a 14″ bike and the Spawn Banshee is a 16″ bike, so it isn’t a fair comparison.) Stay tuned for our WOOM 3 vs. Spawn Banshee review coming soon!Little POG (4 years old) has just started learning to ride the WOOM 2. Although she’s a rock star on her balance bike, she’s nervous on a regular bike, so the WOOM 2 has been perfect for her – just her size, and low.

So, what is so special about WOOM bikes? And why are they so comfortable to ride?

Crafted for Kids: WOOM 2 & 3 Features


WOOM’s kid-specific geometry is the secret to their success.
The super lightweight AL-6061 aluminum frames of the WOOM 2 & 3 have been designed specifically for new cyclists so they can ride how they naturally and comfortably. The extended wheel base, lower top tube, and lower seat tube allow little ones to sit lower to the ground and ride in an upright position. This combination of lower centre of gravity and upright position help kids to balance easier and feel more confident on the bikes. Big POG says the WOOM bikes are more comfortable to ride, and Little POG likes being able to balance herself the way she would on a balance bike (sitting upright).

Little POG learning to ride the WOOM 2! She is used to a balance bike,
so being able to stand over the bike and sit upright makes her feel safe.

The sloping top bar not only makes a lower centre of gravity, but provides a low standover height which makes it easier to get on and off the bike. Both my girls make use of this feature jumping off the bike frequently to pick flowers or look at critters!

Short cranks (pedal “arms) and a low bottom bracket also make these bikes easy to learn to ride. When Little POG feels scared, she can easily put her feet down on the ground, just like she would when riding her balance bike. Take a look at other kids’ bikes and you will quickly see they are not built the same! Many crank arms are much too long for the size of bike. 

(For an in-depth explanation of the WOOM 2 and WOOM 3’s bike geometry, see  this excellent post by Natalie at Two Wheeling Tots.) 


The WOOM 2 and WOOM 3’s gearing is optimal for rolling terrain: it is low enough that Big POG is able to ride uphill to school with ease, but high enough that she can get some speed on the flats.

WOOM 1 (blue) and WOOM 2 (red)


If your kids are like mine, they are always wanting a snack, so it’s nice to know their hands haven’t been soaking up toxic chemicals from their bike grips. Parents can get some peace of mind knowing that the hand grips and saddle are softener free (no phthalates) and even the paint used is a high quality toxic free, powder coating usually only found on the most expensive bicycles.

  • Narrower hand grips and “small hand reach” V-brakes make it easy for little riders to master hand brakes. The WOOM 2 & WOOM 3 come with front and rear V-brakes and coaster brakes, but can be shipped with hand brakes only if you prefer. Another option is to purchase a freewheeling kit (extra charge) so you can switch out the coaster brake when your child is ready. I recommend that kids learn to use hand brakes as soon as possible. More info here.
  • The optimal tire width (50 mm cross section) and ChromMoly fork provide maximum damping for a smoother ride.
  • The high quality and high volume tires have low rolling resistance for ultimate safety. We appreciate the reflectors on the wheels also.
  • The wheels’ lightweight WOOM-SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims and industrial bearings hubs connected with stainless steel spokes provide easy propulsion.
  • The steer limiter gently limits the turning radius and helps prevent wipeouts. Chain guards have never been a dealbreaker for us (all of our other kids’ bikes didn’t have them), but they are great for keeping grease off of clothes and your car. I like being able to toss the bikes in the trunk and not worry about stains! I think they’ve saved a few pairs of pants too.
WOOM Bikes’ Small Hand Reach Brakes
For a complete list of the WOOM 2’s specs, please visit www.us.woombikes.com/products/2.
WOOM 3 specs are at www.us.woombikes.com/products/3.

Last but not least, the WOOM bikes have stylish design and colors. Choose from WOOM Red or Sky Blue. The bikes turns heads wherever we go and my daughters are so proud to ride them.


The WOOM 2 is the ultimate starter bike! With its short cranks and low centre of gravity, we would recommend it to anyone! Children as little as 95 cm (37.4″) tall can ride the WOOM 2!
The WOOM 3 is equally amazing (same specs except size) and performed well on all terrain. Big POG did road riding and mountain biking on it and always felt comfortable and in control. While serious bike racers may wish for a more aggressive, forward leaning position, the majority of riders at this age will find the WOOM 3 meets all their needs and is so fun to ride. The gearing and light weight allows Big POG to go quite fast on the flats and still get up hills easily (and we have some pretty big hills in our area), the brakes are responsive and easy to use, and the low centre of gravity and riding position mean she can ride for miles in comfort.

Long story short, we love the WOOM 2 & 3! 
Big POG is all smiles on the WOOM 2.


A WOOM 2 demo bike was loaned by Woom Bikes USA; no payment was provided for this post. The WOOM 3 reviewed is our own (we purchased after testing the WOOM 1 & 2).

Where to Buy 

Canadians and Americans can purchase WOOM Bikes from WOOMBikes USA, based in Austin, Texas. In Europe, please visit www.woombikes.com/pages/handler for a WOOM dealer near you.

For More Information

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