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WOOM Bikes – The Better Kid’s Bike, or Best?

by Karen Ung
What do you do when you can’t find the perfect bikes for your children? If you’re an industrial designer with experience racing and designing bikes, you make your own! Viennese designer Christian Bezdeka did just that, and launched WOOM Bikes in 2013. Focused exclusively on high end, lightweight children’s bikes, WOOM met the need for lightweight, robust bikes that have the optimal geometry for every age. 
Woom Bikes are available in five sizes from balance bike to big kid bike.
WOOM modestly markets itself as “The Better Kid’s Bike” and it is easy to see why WOOM Bikes are better. In addition to making some of the lightest kids’ bikes on the market, they have included thoughtful details such as “small hand reach” brakes, dual coaster and hand brakes on the smaller models so little riders can get used to hand brakes (the bikes can be shipped without coaster brakes if you prefer), narrower hand grips, and non toxic parts. The bikes are also beautiful to look at. If you’re not into the BMX look, but want a high quality, light bike, you will love WOOM bikes.
Woom’s small hand reach brakes allow little hands
to easily use the brakes.

“What makes WOOM unique is our attention to detail. WOOM values safety, ergonomics, handling, design, and non-toxic parts to create environmentally friendly bikes for kids.”

Ergonomics & design, safety, and environmentally sustainable business practices are the cornerstones of WOOM’s success:

 Ergonomics & Design

  • Instead of pumping out the same bike in different sizes, “every WOOM bike is handcrafted and targeted for a specific age group.” The smaller sizes (WOOM 1-3) have a low centre of gravity and upright riding position to allow the smallest riders to start riding a bike with confidence. The larger sizes offer different geometry to get bigger kids ready for riding a full-sized bike.
  • All sizes have a sloping top bar to allow easy mounting and dismounting.
  • The lightweight alloy frames have been geometrically designed for optimal overall weight.
  • Rust-free spokes
  • Chain guards on WOOM 2 & WOOM 3.
  • Quick release seat post clamps for easy seat adjustment.
  • For more information on what to look for in a kid’s bike, see this post.
The Woom 1 (blue) and Woom 2 (red)

Safety & Environmental Sustainability

  • Small hand reach brakes.
    • The WOOM 1 balance bike comes with a hand brake for easier and safer stopping.
    • The WOOM 2 & WOOM 3 come with dual brakes (coaster and hand brakes), or hand brakes only; your choice.
  • The grips and saddles are softener-free.
  • Steer limiter on Woom 1, 2 & 3.
  • The high quality and high volume tires have low rolling resistance for ultimate safety.
  • The frame is protected with a high quality toxic free, powder coating.

WOOM Bikes Available

WOOM Bikes are available for all ages. Start with the WOOM 1 balance bike, then progress to the WOOM 2 (14″ wheels), the first pedal bike for children ages 5 and up. Next, there is the WOOM 3 (16″), WOOM 4 (20″, 8 gears), and WOOM 5 (24″, 8 gears).
The WOOM 4 & 5 also come in a Supra model which is ultra light and at an unbelievable price point. The WOOM 4 Supra is only 17.4 pounds and only $549 U.S.!

Where to Buy

Canadians and Americans can purchase WOOM Bikes from WOOM Bikes USA, based in Austin, Texas.

In Europe, please visit www.woombikes.com/pages/handler for a WOOM dealer near you.

Personal Note

Demo bikes were loaned by Woom Bikes USA; no payment was provided for this post.

After testing the WOOM 1 and WOOM 2 for over a month, we were so impressed, we purchased the WOOM 3. Stay tuned for comprehensive reviews of the WOOM 1, WOOM 2, and WOOM 3!

Little POG and Big POG love WOOM bikes!

For More Information on WOOM Bikes

Woom Bikes USA www.us.woombikes.com/

“WOOM Bikes: Finding the Right Path” www.outdoorfamiliesonline.com/woom-bikes-finding-the-right-path/

“From Womb to Woom” inventures.eu/from-womb-to-woom

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Playoutsidegal June 13, 2016 - 8:58 PM

If you take care of you kid's bike (keep it indoors, clean, dry), it can definitely be handed down to younger siblings!

Taylor June 13, 2016 - 2:32 PM

My little man is only four months right now, but I'm sure his brother and the neighborhood kids would get some use out of it before he gets to it!

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