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WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review: More Than Good Looks

by Karen Ung
When we were given the opportunity to review the WOOM 1 from WOOM Bikes USA, we were super excited. We already knew about WOOM and were impressed by their specs and beautiful frames, but would the bike measure up to what was on paper? After testing the WOOM 1 balance bike almost daily for over a month, we can give a resounding ‘Yes’ and are confident recommending the WOOM 1 as a first bike. In fact, my 4 year old loves it so much, we can’t get her to ride any other bike now!
WOOM 1 Balance Bike

Why Balance Bikes?

Balance bikes have become incredibly popular for getting children riding a bike at a young age. Starting your child on a balance bike (versus training wheels) means no breaking your back holding the back of the bike, fewer falls, and a painless transition to a pedal bike. Why purchase a balance bike when you could simply take the pedals off of a small bike? So you can have the safest bike for your first-time rider.
The best balance bikes are extremely light and designed for children as young as 18 months with a low stand over height, low centre of gravity, and safety features such as steer limiters and hand brakes. The WOOM 1 has all of these features as well as nontoxic parts such as the grips and saddle.
Little POG riding the WOOM 1 in the Alberta Foothills


WOOM makes lightweight bikes designed exclusively for children. For more information on WOOM Bikes, please see this post: www.playoutsideguide.com/2015/05/woom-bikes-better-kids-bike-or-best.html
With its big tires and robust frame, the WOOM 1 performs well on any terrain.

WOOM 1 – What We Like

  • The hand brake! Little POG quickly learned to use the hand brake and has more confidence going down hills since she can stop more easily than just using her feet. It helps that the V-brake is made for small hands.
  • The quick release seat post makes it easy to change the seat height – handy for growth spurts or when friends want to try the bike.
  • Big pneumatic tires, but light wheels make for great coasting, excellent traction, and a comfortable ride. Pneumatic (air filled) tires: 1) make for a more comfortable ride, 2) last longer, 3) “offer far greater traction on surfaces and prevent wheel ‘slide-outs’.” Source: www.kinderbikeusa.com/main/index.phpoption=com_content&view=article&id=64&lang=en
  • Low standover height for an early start and confidence.
  • “The ChromMoly Unicrown fork provides maximum damping to reduce stress on little arms.
  • The Steer limiter limits the turning radius and prevents wipeouts. This one is so important because beginning riders have a tendency to crank the handlebars farther than they should.
  • Stylish design and colors. Choose from WOOM Red or sky blue. The bike turns heads wherever we go and my daughter is so proud to ride it.
  • Long life. Besides being durable, the design of the WOOM 1 allows your child to ride it from 18 months to 4 years old. My 4 year old, who is big for her age, still rides the WOOM 1 comfortably. Most other balance bikes are outgrown by the age of 3.
Small hand reach brake on the WOOM 1.

WOOM 1 Specs

Specs WOOM 1
Weight 9.0 lbs
Wheels 50 mm Innova
wheels with WOOM SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims, industry bearing hubs, and Nirospokes
Seat height
12” (30.5
cm) to 16” (40.5 cm)
Tires Pneumatic
Steel alloy
Steer stop Yes
Foot rest No
Brakes Yes – Small hand reach brake (1 rear hand brake)

For more details, please visit WOOM Bikes USA.

WOOM 1 – What We Would Like to See

I would love to see the WOOM 1 available at bike stores in Canada! For now, purchase it online at WOOM Bikes USA. There is minimal assembly required (attach pedals, adjust handlebars, tighten headset) and tools are provided.
Little POG happily riding the WOOM 1 by the Bow River

The Verdict

Little POG and I give the WOOM 1 balance bike four thumbs up! It is well worth the money if you purchase the bike early; the design allows you to start using the bike from 18 months until 4 years old. I would also recommend this bike to families that do a lot of dirt and gravel trails as the frame, rubber tires, and ChromMoly fork absorb some of the bumps. We tested the bike on paved, dirt, and gravel and it was great on all terrain.

*Disclosure: WOOM Bikes USA kindly provided me with a loaner WOOM 1 to test and review. I was not paid or compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.

For More Information

Woom Bikes USA – Woom 1 DescriptionIf you would like to see details on two other popular balance bikes for comparison, please check out this post: Runners vs. Strider Balance Bike Reviews

VIDEO Review of the WOOM 1 & 2 – by Paul Osborne for Outdoor Families Magazine

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