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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 8: Arms

by Karen Ung
Christmas party season is almost upon us, and that means you need to dust off that little black dress and tone up those arms. Here are some exercises to help reduce wobbly bits on our arms. Dumbbells are fantastic for arms, but since this is a no equipment required fitness challenge, I’ve incorporated some yoga into this arm workout, so we can use our own body weight. 

1) Chair Dips / Tricep Dips – do 10-20. This exercise is actually best done outdoors with a sturdy picnic table or park bench. At home? Use the stairs – bottom of the staircase, not top! – rather than a chair which could tip over or be knocked over by rambunctious toddlers.

Lower down (upper and lower arms no more than 90 degrees)
And come up. Straighten those arms!

2) Downward Dog – start on all fours with hands below shoulders and knees below hips. Pressing into the floor with heels and palms, lift your derriere into the air. Shoulders should be pushed back, not pulled forward toward your head. Ideally, your body should make an upside down V (I am not very flexible). Hold for 20 seconds. 

Hips up!

3) Upward Dog / Cobra – From Downward Dog, lower hips to floor, stretch feet out flat behind you, use your arms to keep your upper body lifted off the floor. Hold for 5 seconds, raise bottom and do Downward Dog.

Look up!

Repeat exercises 2 & 3 10 times. Flow from upward dog into downward dog, then back to upward dog.

Need some motivation? Have some recommendations? Check in and let us know how you’re doing!

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