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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 3: Lower Body (Booty Boot Camp)

by Karen Ung
The beauty of exercises that use your own body weight is that you can do them almost anywhere. (Well, perhaps not on the bus or at work, but you don’t need to be in a gym!) I try to get in a few sets of squats and lunges while the kids are playing in the backyard, at the playground, or even while cooking/folding laundry.
1) Squats (for thighs and glutes): Feet should be shoulder-width apart, chest upright (not leaning forward). Squat down until your knees are over your toes. Do not go too low as this is hard on your knees. HOLD for 10-60 seconds (challenge yourself!). When you stand up, squeeze your butt cheeks together. Do 10. 
Squat – position 1
Squat – position 2
2) Lunges (for thighs, calves, hamstrings, and glutes): Start standing with legs together. Step forward (about 12″ ahead of your left toe) with your right foot. Bend your right knee, but do not let it get over your toe. Your left leg stays in place; let your left knee bend naturally when you lunge. Hold for 5 seconds. Keep your right foot where it is then straighten your leg and press down again. Do 10-20 lunges per side.
3) Donkey Kicks (for glutes): Get on all fours, extend your right leg out behind you, keep your leg straight and hold it parallel to the floor. For maximum benefit, your foot should be flexed (i.e. do not point your toe). Do 10 on each side.
Donkey Kick – position 1
Donkey Kick – position 2
As always, you do not need to do these exercises one after the other. Do them whenever and wherever you can. : )
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