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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 2: Upper Body

by Karen Ung
Today will hurt, but your pecs/rack will look amazing if you do these exercises regularly. If you and pushups need reacquainting, start with wall pushups. If you have some upper body strength, graduate to modified pushups (“girl” pushups – knees on the ground), then full pushups.

1) Standard pushups (hands directly below shoulders) – do 10.

2) Wide pushups (start in standard pushup stance and walk hands out about 6″) – do 10.
Wide Pushup – start position
Wide Pushup – down position
Modified Wide Pushup – start position
Modified Wide Pushup – down position

3) Narrow pushups (walk hands in from standard pushup stance so thumbs and index fingers make a triangle) – do 10.

If this was easy and time allows, repeat!

More detailed instructions and images at http://www.wikihow.com/Do-Better-Pushups

Let me know how you’re doing! Comment here or on Twitter @playoutsidegal or Facebook at www.facebook.com/PlayOutsideGuide with hashtag #BusyParentFitnessChallenge.

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